Expression Therapy

Expression Therapy is designed to allow you to express your emotions in a very healthy, safe, and non verbal manner.

In essence the therapy removes and releases the emotion layer by layer until the root emotion is released.

Expression Painting
The root of any emotion can go very deep and the time line from long ago in the past.  The current life event may have only triggered the deeply seeded emotion from the past.

It is my belief that wrong meaning can so easily be applied to an emotional state.  So my signature work is based on expression through painting or vibration.

During the session I will ask a question from time to time with a follow through on directing you what to paint.  It is a carefree expression of yourself in support of lifting the positive emotions and releasing unhealthy emotions.

What you share for information is completely up to you.  As long as you know that my role is to simply listen and ask questions.   This therapy is not designed to give you the answers that you are looking for… is designed to provide you with the tools to find the answers within, and on your own.

This therapy has been performed on a one to one basis as well as in a group retreat style session with the most beautiful results.

Note: I am not a physician or psychologist and should I believe that you require help beyond the scope of my practise-  the session will be ended.  Under the Health Links tab I have referenced specialist that I will refer the client too.


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