Mission Statement

Mission Statement

My mission is to bring awareness to the individuals, community, and abroad, the alternative forms of medicine.

Represent truthfully the benefits and limitations of Hypnotherapy and Healing Arts Therapies.

Practice to the fullest of my abilities in a promise to offer the client the opportunity of engaging their mind, body, emotions and spirit in a healthy balance.  Renew their natural energy for the fulfillment of a renewed sense of life and vitality.  

Share my knowledge, experiences and new found health in a way that honestly represents the sincerity of where I have been and the gratitude of what my future holds. 

Remain dedicated to providing professional quality treatments, ensuring that clients are given the highest possible standard of care.  I promise to be accepting, caring and understanding of all clients while keeping my own personal beliefs and values independent always from the overriding interest of the client being treated. 

Respect the confidentiality of information received over the course of treatment.  Make certain that client records are kept in a secure place and maintain clear, accurate and comprehensive records of treatments given to clients.

Respect the client’s autonomy and right to refuse or terminate treatment   Also, retain the right to limit or refuse providing treatment or service to any individual should there be just and reasonable cause..

Ensure that all discussion with clients is understood by both parties.  As the Practitioner I will use non-technical language when speaking about the treatment plan and encourage the client to ask questions as necessary.

Make certain that clients receive clear information regarding treatment arrangements and what to expect.

Code of Ethics:  I will never give advice or medical diagnosis to clients.  I will represent truthfully the benefits and limitations of my practice.  If I discover a condition that is beyond my educational training or scope of practice I will put the clients’ health first before my own.   I will ask clients to see the relevant qualified professional and ensure unconditionally that the client seeks medical advice before treatments can resume.    

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