Frequently Asked Questions:

Code of Ethics:  Linked to a page that opens on a new tab…..

What happens when I first arrive:  Upon arrival to your first appointment expect to complete a Client Intake Form, and spend about 15 to 30 minutes discussing your reasons for contacting Naturally Defined and the options available to achieve your desired results.

Do I need to prepare ahead of time?   Dressed comfortably so that you are neither hot or cold and you are not restricted by tight fitting clothes.  Ensure that you have eaten a healthy meal at least 1 hour before your appointment.  Ensure that you try to have a proper nights rest the evening before.  Never consume alcohol the day of your treatment.  If you do, the session will be cancelled.

How long does it take?  Depending on your reason for your session you can expect any where from 30 minutes to 60 minutes for a regular session.   Your first session is always longer and will take a minimum of at least 1 hour.

Are you a Doctor?  I am not a doctor, and at no time will I diagnose or attempt to cure any disease or illness that you have.  In some cases you may be required to provide a Doctor’s written referral before any treatments.

How Many Sessions To Achieve Desired Results?  Again, depending on the nature of the session and your belief, you may walk away completely satisfied after just one session.  For more in depth therapies you may need to consider 3 to 5 sessions before you are completely satisfied.

How Long Does it Take to Break a Habit?  Using imagery and your commitment on a daily basis, it takes generally 21 days to change a habit.   With out the use of imagery it can take as long as up to 18 months to make the necessary changes.




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