Classic Hypnotherapy

January 2014 Special – all programs purchased at full price will be discounted with the first session free – a value of $125.00.  Your costs for any of the following program packages:  Quit Smoking, Anxiety & Depression, Weight Release, or Pain Relief is $400.00

What inspires you?

Learn and understand how to overcome:  Nervousness, depression, worry over minor things, thoughts that race a million miles an minute, panic, afraid of people or places, unable to be alone, restless, easily tired, distracted, unable to sleep, unable to eat, eating too much, anxious, disinterest in life, worthless, guilty, afraid of failure, out of control of your emotions?



To feel like a child again care free, courage to try anything new, happy to be alive, and with so much energy to run, play, laugh.

Motivation, weight loss, self confidence are all with in your reach! Better health and wellness can be achieved at any age.  Quit smoking, become more active, learn to relax and control  pain, increase memory, and desires.



Through a customized hypnotherapy program you can learn to relax and conquer what creates challenges.   As your therapist I will definitely recommend a customized program designed of several therapies to bring into a new perspective – your whole health.  

It is inevitable, you will reach that stage of life where your health becomes more important than you have ever imagined.  It is never to soon or too late to take control of your life.  

Better health and wellness can be achieved at any age.

Customized programs created specifically with your desires in mind.  All Specialized program are complete with 6 sessions.  Some feel incredible  - just after 1 session and it is recommended that you attend at least two sessions!


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