Through guided meditation you learn to quiet the mind long enough to truly feel your body, bring a new reality to every aspect of your environment.

The human body is simply a robot of your mind.  Every thought that is generated from the mind creates a physiological process in the body.  This physiological process creates a sensation in the body that too often guide you to believe that you are experiencing fear, anger, guilt, sadness, joy, love, pain, and more.   Imagine what would happen if you could change the effects of the physiological process on your body by changing your reaction to a thought?

The Meditation that I practice is Mindful Awareness

To bring awareness of mind, body, and emotions n such a way that you become very much a living breathing part of every moment, in the here and now, and not just a bystander of our own life.  Every day we awake and take for granted the movement of our bodies, ignore the thoughts and emotions that come and go in our minds and our bodies without taking the time to even notice what is happening.  We spend more time looking ahead into the future and looking back in to the past that we neglect to embrace what is right in front of us in the present moment.  

Awareness of emotions will grant you freedom in ways you could never imagine.  To observe a thought that comes into the mind and the emotions that arise with those thoughts allows you to watch them begin, flow through, and end.  To see with your own minds eye the beginning and the ending and simply allowing the emotion to rise and fall with out reaction only observation is the beginning of understanding yourself.  This time for observation or reflection is a time for you to ask yourself questions with out judgment of fear, guilt, anger, or sadness.  Those very moments are fragments of freedom that of which we can learn so much from.  

The freedom to live in the moment and truly see life as it unfolds is to live mindful aware.  I believe that should I allow myself to live in mindfulness awareness that it will be the beginning of freedom from sadness and pain, and the beginning of a new found happiness, joy, calm, and peace in life.

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