Group Work Shops

Workshops can be created specifically to your desire.  Contact me either by phone or email with your thoughts and I am happy to respond with a program designed just for you.    

Infinite Possibilities………  

Before the creation of Naturally Defined…. business retreats were held in support of practicum requirements.  The unfolding and growth of all the attendees was an inspiration of unbound hope.

Team Building 
Can be for a multitude of reasons:  restructure * moving * mergers  * motivational * loss or serious illness of a key employee * learning * or simply an opportunity to bring employees together for an exercise to just have a little fun!


Family Workshop

For families dealing with the stress of divorce or separation * new job means moving, new community, new school * illness in the family * support healthy study habits * teenager versus parent(s) * aging family aging parents * motivation * reconnecting after loss *  couples * Bridal party *

summerwinter 2011 097

Retreat Inspired Friendships


Just ask, the possibilities are endless!  

Workshop sizes can be any size.  I can accommodate from 2 to 8 people comfortably with the use of boardroom at our new location.

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