“Hypnotherapy is the use of guided imagery and deep relaxation techniques with the intention of replacing negative information with new positive perspectives”.  

My job as a hypnotherapist is to help you realize your expended state of choices.  Open up the limitations.  

Under any circumstance there are always an infinite number of possibilities at any given time.

There are always a number of solutions to one problem yet many believe that they have only one choice.  

Everyone has the capacity to make incredible changes in their lives if they can tap into the resources to reprogram those behaviors that are just not working in their best interest or higher good.

Expanded State of Choices *   Perception  *   Infinite Possibilities  *   Unlimited Belief


The body operates like a robot – what ever your mind dictates – the body will follow!  When your mind sees a lemon – what does the saliva in your mouth do?  You didn’t think consciously to start salivating – your mind subconsciously knew from past programming that this is the reaction to the taste of a lemon….and your body automatically responded accordingly.    Pretty cool!  

There is a belief that everyone is already perfect in everything they do….  What they do and how they react is perfectly designed according to the information that has been programmed in the mind; held in the subconscious.  


A smoker for example has become an expert at smoking.  Their mind has been programmed to know exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they will get it.  And the smokers body has changed all of its healthy processes in order to ensure that the body gets the smoke and toxins that it has become accustomed to receive.  You create triggers in the subconscious and every time you see, hear, feel something – the subconscious knows that it needs to send signals to your body – the ones you feel when you think you are having a craving.  


Weight gain….every time you see the negative bank balance – your body automatically knows what to do.  You have become an expert at dealing with financial stress   You don’t even have to consciously think about it – your body signals that you feel hungry and you feed that hunger.  Now you “feel” better.  It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, and how often you have eaten already.  If you are hungry you eat.  If your subconscious mind receives stress signals it knows exactly what to do.  

What would happen….

If you changed that program of the subconscious – using that perfect mind – to know exactly what you need – to make new choices – for a desired outcome?  



My original experience with the science and philosophy of hypnotherapy was with Quantum University, out of Honolulu Hawaii, USA, and Dr. Patrick Porter.  During my study under the Bachelor of Holistic Health Science Program I found a passion for the link between the human brain, mind, and body.  I continue to study, and re study his teachings and methods as they relate back to my practice as a Holistic Health practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

I Recently attended the world famous Excel Center Hypnotherapy Training College, Dr. Alan Eastman, in Red Deer, Alberta Canada to obtain a Canadian certification in Hypnotherapy.  Studying under the great works of A.M. Krasner, PHd, and Ruth Eastman facilitator of the college.  Through the hands on training received I know that I have found not only my path but the link between energy and science of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Feel free to search Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist:  http://www.hypnosiscanada.com

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