Where Are You When The Dust Settles

Life has its mysterious yet profound way of taking us on a journey that at first appears frightening, exciting, and not at all what we had planned.

I belive that each journey as it unfolds reveals its purpose.  To everything that comes before us we need to observe it for the quality of the lessons that it presents. Embracing the change with faith that when the dust settles we have remained whole and see our own selves a little clearer.

Where are you….in this vast sphere of life?  Are you wavering in the dust storm of change or are you standing with arms wide open letting the winds pass through you, breathing deeply as you fill your mind, heart and souls with what the winds bring to you embracing with excitement the opportunities that will present themselves when you arise from the storm.

I have learned through the dust storms of my own life that standing with arms raised up and outwards you open your heart and let go of holding on to control; with eyes closed you are giving yourself permission to feel the fear and replace it with a hint of trust in yourself; and with breathe you invite gratitude into your heart that you are absolutely capable of yet another change.

With love,


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